The following are reseach topics we are working on now or have been in the past.

Wood Structures and bio-based building materials

  • Wood-Concrete Composite Systems (Clouston, Schreyer)
  • Performance of a nailplate-based Wood-Concrete Composite system (Clouston, Schreyer)
  • Shear strength analysis of a glued Wood Concrete Composite System (Clouston, Schreyer)
  • Long-term testing of a wood-concrete bridge in situ in New England (Clouston, Schreyer)
  • Cross Laminated Timber from Local Species Small-Diameter and Low-Value Material (Clouston, Schreyer and Damery)
  • Computer modeling of Structural Composite Lumber strength properties (Clouston)

Bio-based materials and natural resources economics and marketing

Bamboo in structures

Energy diagnostics

Energy performance and green building

  • Performance measures for residential energy analysis (Hoque, Weil, Wood)
  • Evaluation of energy simulation tools  (Hoque)
  • Computer modeling of building energy use (Hoque)
  • Towards zero energy aquaculture facilities (Damery, Danylchuk, Hoque, Hollingsworth)
  • Energy analysis of historically significant buildings from the Modernist period (Hoque, Page)

Architectural/Engineering/Construction (AEC) digital planning and visualization

  • Interactive 3D visualization of buildings and built environments (Schreyer)
  • Crowdsourcing of geo-referenced information for decision support (Schreyer)
  • Digital design tools (Schreyer)