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Assistant to Senior Partner

Job Description: For Assistant to Senior Partner

For over 27 years, Raymond Design Builders has been pleasing clients with renovations, editions, and quality craftsmanship throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut. An experienced and friendly crew, in-house cabinet and mill shop, and in-house design studio all help to make us a versatile, uniquely competent, residential construction company on a path of growth and success. We turn houses into homes with our creative solutions and on-time delivery.

The position of “Assistant to Senior Partner”, entails a variety of responsibilities such as updating the project schedule in CoConstruct (our online project management system), keeping track of inventory, ordering materials, and assisting in the management of current projects. Sometimes the assistant will be required to make quick trips, in a company-provided vehicle, to suppliers’ houses to gather materials for any given project, as well as meet with inspectors and sub-contractors to ensure projects are on schedule.

Task for this role include but are not limited to:

  • Update CoConstruct (online project management software) – schedule, cost catalog, invoices, etc.
  • Ensure accuracy of client invoices (write in professional English language) and confirm payment due dates
  • Use company vehicle(s) to procure job supplies if as or when needed during working hours
  • Meet with subcontractors, suppliers or inspectors when Senior Partner is unable to do so
  • Document jobs with pictures, as well as a checklist after completion of each stage of the project, and upload said digital images to CoConstruct or other client file records
  • Send client emails with weekly schedule and completion notices
  • Update clients on job statues, required delivery dates and timing to order items and other related milestones or client responsibilities
  • Assist in keeping schedules managed
  • Package or assemble lumber orders based off architectural drawings
  • Provide help when necessary with estimating, if as or when necessary, with provided training
  • Track tools, and equipment used on active jobs sites
  • Keep track of supplies both in the shop, office, and vehicle(s) which may include office supplies, building materials and other construction related pieces and parts
  • Manage inventory, stock, supplies, as well as relevant ordering and order as needed
  • Responsible for managing upkeep of shop and office

Assigned Manager:

Reports to Senior Partner

Defined Success and Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)

  • Sign into CoConstruct minimum of twice daily
  • Ensure every project under construction has at least 5 in progress pictures uploaded to CoConstruct weekly
  • Complete individual phase checklists per project
  • Complete monthly and weekly inventory and equipment checklists

What does success look like?

To be successful in this role one must be organized, possess professional business acumen, standard communication skills, verbally and written, be capable of being self-sufficient, willing to learn, not afraid to ask questions, and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment where things are constantly changing.


Identified Ideal Qualities:

  • Personality traits and strengths which are appreciated but are not required for this role are:
  • Basic understanding of construction
  • Driven or determined
  • Organized
  • Competent verbal and written communication skills
  • Willingness to complete project related tasks with time management and urgency when required
  • Courteous communications with others
  • Business casual attire
  • Capacities required for this position is the ability to lift 50lbs safely, maintain a valid driver’s license, and maintain basic auto insurance
  • Raymond Design Builder’s Core values are:
  • We accept constructive criticism and constantly work at being better
  • We always do what is right, even when no one else is looking (consistency; dependability)
  • We value our Company and Client’s money as if it were our own (respect; loyalty, fiduciary)
  • We don’t take anything personally (open mindedness; good humor; spirit of adventure)
  • We trust one another implicitly (loyalty; respect)

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