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MCRT Construction Operations offers various intern opportunities in an effort to help educate students and graduates seeking careers with a focus on construction.  It is MCRT’s goal to provide those students and graduates an opportunity to experience what they will be working on in the future and exposure to the skills needed to be successful in their efforts.   
The MCRT internship opportunities vary and will be designed to further the educational components and prior experiences of the candidates.  Internships will offer various forms of job training and exposure to some of the leading practices, processes and project management software utilized in the industry as well as the culture and work environment offered by an industry leader.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities 
Internship opportunities will vary and may be dependent of the candidate’s background and interest. Interns are assigned to perform a number of supporting roles under the supervision of experienced MCRT field and office personnel who will offer direction and guidance.  Supporting roles may include working with: 

Field Supervisors in charge of the day to day site activities and subcontractors performing the work; 
Project Engineers, Managers and Estimators in charge of project budgets and cost forecasting, contracting and purchasing of materials and services, the processing of design information, product materials and related questions and, the periodic reporting and project updates required by lenders and project owners 
Project Coordinators and Project Billing Managers in charge of the processing of contracts, purchase orders, billing and construction loan payment requests. 
Education and/or Experience 

 Current or recent enrollment in an educational program with a focus on real estate development, construction management and support services, architecture or applicable engineering and software management fields. 

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