For BCT (and BMATWT) Alumni

Welcome back to the BCT website! Now that you are enjoying your professional life, stay in touch with former classmates, and grow your professional network using the various alumni lists and groups that we are maintaining. You are also very much invited to attend any of the public and alumni-only events that our program organizes every year.  Examples are:

  • Red Sox games
  • After-work and after-conference get-togethers (e.g. at ABX and NESEA BuildingEnergy)
  • BCT Job Fair get-togethers
  • And more…

We regularly post alumni news as well as undergraduate and graduate alumni profiles on this site and our social media networks. Contact us if you would also like to be featured.

Upcoming Alumni Events

BCT Lecture – Caroline Cudemus-Jones, Denise Berger, Joanna Kripp @ Olver Design Building, Rm 170 or via Zoom
Nov 8 @ 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm

The Continuing Rise of Women in Construction

Carolina Cudemus-Jones,  Director of Design and Construction Management  UMass Amherst

Denise Berger, Chief of Operations for the Engineering Department of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Joanna Kripp, Senior Project Executive for Gilbane Building Co.

The percentage of women in construction hovers between 9 to 10% across the industry, in the field only 3%.  The industry is changing – not only the number of women in the field, design, engineering  and construction management is increasing, the industry now recognizes that women bring an additional layer of diversity, experience and management style that have innovated and energized an industry known for its traditional male dominance. Construction in general is experiencing shortages in skilled knowledge across the disciplines and women have become now the future of the industry at all levels.

BCT Lecture – Fidele Mazimpaka, UMass Campus Energy Engineer @ Olver Design Building, Rm 170 or via Zoom
Nov 29 @ 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm

Building Performance Improvement with Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Overall building performance can significantly be improved through continuous monitoring and adjustment of operating parameters through building automation system (BAS). Parameters are automatically adjusted based on weather, occupancy, changes in condition and building loads.

Programs in the BAS use inputs from multiple sensors on the equipment and in the buildings to constantly adapt the equipment operation to actual space conditions.

The lecture will give to students an overview of how BAS is used in building operations and how it can be tied to other systems for alerting and reporting purposes. 

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Bob Hastings

At UMass, you can reach out directly to any BCT faculty or the program director via our contact form or phone and direct email.

You can also contact one of our BCT Alumni Community Managers. These amazing folks are active in our alumni community and are organizing the above-mentioned get-togethers, provide career advice, and the like:

  • Zach Kushner (currently working at Gilbane Building Company, Springfield, MA). Contact: LinkedIn
  • Bob Hastings (currently working at Home Remodeling Pros, Annapolis, MD). Contact: LinkedIn

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For Graduating BCT Students

UMass Alumni AssociationAs you all know, a good professional network is crucial to success in the “real world”. It can provide you with advice and feedback, job opportunities, and support for when professional life throws a curve ball at you. Having studied in BCT, you have already built up personal connections to fellow students that will be available to you even after you leave UMass. The university and BCT have various resources and are holding events specifically to help you build and maintain that network.

You can connect with us using the various social media connections mentioned on top of this page under “Stay in Touch!”. That way, you will get notified when we are organizing events or have job offers that may be of interest. Make sure you add yourself at least to our BCT (alumni) email list.

Also, upon graduation from BCT, you will receive an Alumni ID. Your first step then should be to register with the UMass Amherst Alumni Association.

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Either way, we hope you check back in every once in a while and let us know what became of you. We are always curious to hear about our graduating students’ career paths.