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The Business of Building (Construction Management I)

Number: BCT 353
Credits: 3
Format: In person

Semester: Fall
Meeting Times: TBD
Room: Olver Design Building 162

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Gregory J. Fitch, Ph.D. Candidate, M.S., B.S.


Office: Olver Design Building 328
Phone: +1 (413) 545-8863

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Course Description

This course provides basic business concepts to students interested in design and construction. The content of this course covers key skill set for managing a project, contracts, marketing, scheduling, personnel, leadership, interpersonal communication, human behavior, finance, budgeting, ethical and legal considerations. Associate tools and techniques that could be used for managing a construction and building business will also be covered in this class.

Learning Goals

This course is to help students gain basic business idea for design and construction project, and also to prepare them for higher-level course and to work effectively in building construction business and with multi-disciplinary market participants. To accomplish these objectives, lectures, reading materials, case studies, and homework assignments will focus on providing experience in understanding the concepts and using tools available to understand the business of building. Students completing this course are expected:

  1. To gain an understanding of the basic business functions of design and construction of structures including ethical, legal and diversity issues.
  2. To gain insight into techniques of business communication.
  3. To understand costing, budgeting, and finance as they relate to project management.
  4. To enhance decision-making and problem solving skills.  

The expected learning outcomes of this course include:

  1. Demonstrate critical thinking and creativity
  2. Demonstrate complex problem solving and decision making
  3. Be able to understand and apply principles of leadership in business and management
  4. Have a working knowledge of current issues in building construction business
  5. Be able to make wise decision by using economic analysis method
  • Introduction to Office applications


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