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LEED AP Exam Accelerator

Number: BCT 597X
Credits: 3
Format: UWW (CPE)

Semester: Summer 2
Meeting Times: Fridays 10am-12pm
Room: Virtual

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Paul Wolff,


Office: Mount Ida Campus
Email: pwolff@umass.edu

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Course Description

This is an intensive course designed for those interested in pursuing the LEED Accredited Professional (AP) credential, as a part of the goal to become project managers in construction-related fields, or to upgrade existing skills and knowledge of sustainable development best practices. This course takes a deeper dive into the LEED credits, with an emphasis on knowledge required for the LEED AP exam; a valuable credential in today’s competitive job market.

Structured assignments provide the opportunity to grasp real-world challenges and impacts, and to understand the dramatic increase in high performance building certifications during the last 20 years. The course content integrates tools such as customized study sheets, architectural models, practice exam questions, insights from practitioners, and other strategies designed to maximize knowledge retention and success in preparing for the LEED AP Exam. Open to all majors.  

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Learning Goals

Learning Goals to come.



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