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Living Labs: Solving for Carbon Neutrality with High Performance Buildings

Number: BCT 597Q
Credits: 3
Format: In person, Online, Mount Ida

Semester: Spring
Meeting Times: Fridays 1:00-3:00pm
Room: Mt Ida Classroom & Online

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Paul Wolff,


Office: Mount Ida Campus

Office Hours | Faculty Page | LinkedIn

Course Description

There is no better way to learn and deeply understand sustainability in the built environment than to experience this as a part of a real project.  This course explores the concept of using living labs to accelerate innovation in the realm of low carbon approaches to buildings, materials, technologies, policies and ways of living.

Multi-disciplinary teams will work together to solve problems faced by local and global organizations. Students receive academic credit and real-world experience while the community benefits from technology and policy-based solutions in the built environment. Team challenges for Spring 2020 may include exploring criteria and documentation needed to certify a real building to LEED standards (EBOM), developing a solar canopy marketing campaign for a city, and/or assisting with data collection associated with corporate sustainability reportage in a designated eco-district. Open to all majors.

Learning Goals

• air, water, light, fitness, comfort, smart growth and sustainable building practices



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