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BCT Senior Seminar

Number: BCT 494BI
Credits: 3
Format: In person

Semester: Spring
Meeting Times: Mon/Wed/Fri 12:20-1:10
Room: Olver Design Building 162

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Gregory J. Fitch, Ph.D. Candidate, M.S., B.S.


Office: Olver Design Building 328
Phone: +1 (413) 545-8863

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Course Description

SPIRE: Students learn to write cover letters, create resumes, develop relevant interviewing skills and meet industry leaders. Each week a different business professional meets with students in this class to discuss careers in the industry. Often, the speakers are potential employers who are accepting resumes. Some speakers will schedule interviews for internships and full-time job placement.

SYLLABUS: A senior seminar course for students preparing to enter the building technology and construction sector; project management of construction projects, including: aspects of design, bidding/estimating. Presentation, value engineering, contracts/negotiation, subcontractor relations, cost controls, management during construction, close out, and post-construction requirements. This course also aim to assist and prepare students for job hunting and their future career.

Learning Goals

Master the depth of knowledge required for a BCT degree.  

  • Communicate effectively.
  • Work collaboratively.
  • Principles of leadership in business and management: Understand and appreciate the necessity of working with the full project delivery team, including: designers, subcontractors, vendors and facility managers (assessed by the written and oral research paper and RFP response).
  • Problem solving and decision making: Respond to a real RFP and present the written and oral solution to a panel of jurors that includes among other topics (also assessed in tasks): Complex project decision making and associated risk management: Demonstrate that can successfully negotiate with the internal virtual company team on the decision making process that affects the design and construction of a net zero or lean construction project and understands how to manage the risks of time and cost involved (assessed by tasks, the RFP written and oral response).


None required

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