While not part of the regular BCT curriculum, we are strongly encouraging students to pursue an internship with a field-related company at least in their final summer at UMass (before Senior year). Such experience is a great resume-builder and often leads to permanent jobs with those companies. An internship can take one of two forms:

  • A summer job: You can simply work (for pay) at a relevant company. This does not provide you with credit (or a mention on your transcript), but gives you excellent work experience. Make sure you mention this employment on your CV, of course.
  • A credited internship: You can set up your (typically paid) summer (or winter) job as a formal internship if you follow the instructions on this Career Services page. Going this route allows you to have the internship mentioned on your transcript (as BCT 398 or 498). You will also get credit for the internship (from 1-14 credits with one credit per week of 40-hour work). Because this happens outside of the regular semester, you will, however, need to pay for the credits through our continuing education system. Faculty sponsors will also have academic requirements that you need to fulfill and the quality of the internship must be approved by them.

If you want to follow the second option with your internship, contact your BCT advisor and set this up with them.

CNS Internships Survey

The folks in CNS, our college, are maintaining an internships survey that shows you where others have pursued their internships and how they liked it. You can find the BCT results here.

BCT Internships Blog

We encourage BCT students to report on their internships/practicums/jobs with various BCT-related companies on our Internships Blog. This is done in the hope that it will be useful for all of our students to see what their fellow students are doing and what the “real construction world” looks like. The blog can be accessed by anyone with a UMass account via the following link (i.e. you may need to log in using your NetID):