Students from all disciplines at UMass are encouraged to complete a Minor in Building and Construction Technology (BCT). See below for the current requirements.

Can’t fit a BCT Minor into your undergrad studies? Consider our graduate certificate in Sustainable Construction instead. Many courses are online and you can take it part-time after graduation (or as a graduate student in another field).

BCT Minor Requirements

Updated: Spring 2020

Built Environment

     BCT 150 The Built Environment (I) (fall)

Building Systems – 1 course minimum

     BCT 204 Construction Materials & Methods (spring)
     BCT 211 Energy Efficient Housing (fall)
     BCT 304 Properties of Wood (fall)
     BCT 520 Energy & Buildings (fall)
     BCT 540 Design of Wood Structures* (fall)

Building Technology – 1 course minimum

     BCT 311 Sustainable Indoor Environmental Systems (spring)
     BCT 313 Light-Frame Structure Technology (fall)
     BCT 314 Construction Estimating (spring)
     BCT 320 Intro to CAD & BIM in Construction & Architecture (limited availability)
     BCT 330 Mechanics of Building Materials for Construction* (spring – 4 cr.)
     BCT 353 Construction Project Management (fall)
     BCT 420 Designing with 3D CAD & BIM* (spring)
Any other BCT course

*These courses have prerequisites

(courses are 3 credits and both fall/spring unless otherwise mentioned)

BCT Curriculum Areas:  Sustainable Built Environment    Materials, Methods, and Structures   
 Building Energy & Systems    Construction Management   
 Information Technology    Business   Science    Communications 

To complete a minor in Building and Construction Technology, a student must earn a minimum of 15 credits, selecting a minimum of 5 courses in the 3 academic areas listed above. One course each is required from the Built Environment, Building Systems, and Building Technology categories. All courses listed above are 3-credit courses except where noted. To be admitted into the Building and Construction Minor a student must be in good academic standing with the University.

No requirements for the minor may be taken Pass/Fail. All courses applied toward the minor must be taken on a graded basis and all courses used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a grade of C or better. No course substitutions are possible.

Please note: While we typically reserve seats in our classes for non-BCT majors (e.g. those wishing to complete the BCT minor), there is only a limited number of those seats available, which may lead to non-BCT majors not being able to enroll in a particular semester or course. Plan accordingly and leave some flexibility in your schedule for BCT classes.

Getting the Minor Added to your Transcript

The BCT Minor is awarded AFTER you have completed the required 5 courses.  There is no need to apply in-advance for “admission” to the Minor.  During the semester when you are completing the Minor, please contact Dr. Kim, our Chief Undergraduate Advisor.  The BCT Minor designation will be added to your Official Transcript by the University Registrar’s office.