Visit the UMass Financial Aid Services website for general information about financial aid and scholarships. Information on tuition and fee waivers can be found on the Bursar’s office site. If you are eligible for Work-Study (check with Financial Aid), consider working for BCT in one of several work-study jobs that we have available each year.

Undergraduate Fellowships / Scholarships / Awards Links

This is a sampling of various scholarships, fellowships, and awards that are available to our students (deadline in brackets).


Graduate opportunities can be found at the Financial Aid Services website as well, especially the Graduate Financial Aid page. Information on tuition and fee waivers can be found on the Bursar’s office site and on the Graduate School website.

Professional Master’s Students

Because of the course-based nature of the professional Master’s degree, it is commonly expected that students self-fund their studies. Limited funding opportunities may be available for students in the professional options based on teaching or research assistantships (which can allow them to qualify for tuition and fee waivers – see the Graduate School website).

Research Graduate Students (M.S. or Ph.D.)

Financial assistance is provided to research graduate students through teaching or research assistantships, University fellowships, or hourly wages. Tuition and most fees are waived during semesters in which at least a one-quarter-time assistantship or fellowship is awarded. The same rules regarding tuition waivers apply to stipends earned outside of the University, if the internship is directly related to the student’s graduate program; that is, tuition and most fees are waived during semesters in which the stipend is equal to a one-quarter-time assistantship. Assistantships are often available through individual faculty members who have grant-supported research or who have University funding for teaching assistants for their undergraduate classes. The Graduate School awards a small number of University fellowships to applicants (including those from outside the U.S.) with exceptionally strong records.

Graduate Fellowships Links