Undergraduate Admissions

Interested in studying in BCT? There are several ways you can join the program:


Undergraduate freshman admissions are not handled directly by the BCT program or ECo department. Follow this link to the UMass admissions office and submit your application there.

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The BCT program is very accommodating for transfer students.

If you are a transfer from outside of UMass, consult the UMass admissions office and follow their instructions. If you are already a UMass student (undeclared or already in another major), then you can easily transfer to BCT by talking to our Chief Undergraduate Advisor (use the contact form to make an appointment). Once you are in the program, a BCT advisor will sit down with you and lay out a plan for your studies based on your previous courses and our requirements.

Community College students can also join BCT after their Associates Degree as part of MassTransfer’s A2B Linked program, which credits their AS degree as the first two years in our program. The current list of colleges is:


If you have any questions or would like to visit BCT to learn more about us, contact the Chief Undergraduate Advisor using our contact form.

Graduate Admissions

Applicants need to seek admission to the Sustainable Building Systems Concentration in our department’s Environmental Conservation Graduate Program. General guidelines for admissions into our graduate degrees can be found here.

Apply Now (Graduate)   (select “Environmental Conservation” grad program)

Candidates for the Sustainable Building Systems Concentration will be admitted on the basis of their academic training, work experience, statement of intent and letters of recommendation. At a minimum, candidates will be expected to possess/supply:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in one of these fields:
    • a related engineering discipline (e.g., structural, mechanical)
    • architecture or urban studies
    • a technical degree with a focus on building science, building technology, planning or construction
    • construction management/science
    • business administration with an emphasis in real estate or construction
    • any field with a strong background in the physical or environmental sciences and professional experience working as a building professional.
  • Undergraduate grade-point average: Minimum of 3.2 in previous education (or minimum 4 years related work experience)
  • Letters of recommendation: BCT Undergrads applying: expected total is three with maximum of two from within the UMass BCT Program. All others: two expected; three preferred.
  • Personal statement
  • Faculty sponsor:
    • Professional master’s students need to clearly indicate their interest in this program in their applications materials. Because of the course-based nature of their studies, the BCT Professional Master’s Chief Advisor will serve as their dedicated faculty advisor.
    • All prospective research graduate students (M.S. or Ph.D.) must be sponsored by a faculty member who is willing to serve as advisor before they will be accepted into the program. Therefore, interested students should contact the faculty members whose research and teaching align most closely with their own interests.
  • Letters of interest can be sent anytime, but official applications should be submitted before 1 March for Fall Semester or 1 October for Spring Semester. Late applications will be retained for consideration in the next admissions period.

General guidelines for graduate admissions can also be found at the University’s Graduate School website: Apply Now (select “Environmental Conservation” grad program)


If you have any questions or would like to visit BCT to learn more about us, contact the Graduate Concentration Coordinator using our contact form.