Outreach and Extension

BCT is committed to bringing the latest research and scientific understanding of the built environment to as broad a range of stake holders as possible. All BCT faculty have some outreach role, and most research projects involve a public outreach component. As a land-grant university, UMass has a long history of operating an Extension Program that is the formal organization for outreach in areas ranging from agricultural production to nutrition and science education. Dr. Ben Weil, as an Extension faculty member in BCT, partially funded by USDA, is directly affiliated with UMass Extension and the Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment (CAFE). Dr. Weil is also a primary investigator of and works through the Clean Energy Extension.

Extension activities include consulting, energy analysis, and building science forensics. Clients include municipalities, state government, institutions, some non-profit organizations, architects, builders, and some building owners.

Clean Energy Corps

BCT Students contribute to the University’s Extension and outreach mission by providing energy analysis and consulting services to municipalities and other clients. Students who have excelled in energy-related course work in the BCT Undergraduate program, the Environmental Conservation graduate concentration in Building Systems or Sustainability Masters program participate in the UMass Clean Energy Corps under the supervision of Dr. Weil and in coordination with the staff and managing director of the Clean Energy Extension, Dr. Dwayne Breger.


Contact Dr. Benjamin Weil, Extension Assistant Professor, Extension Program in Building Energy

R: 321 Design Building
+1 (413) 545-1820

W: ag.umass.edu/clean-energy