BCT Fundraising Appeal

A message from the BCT program director

The Building and Construction Technology program continues to grow and provide educated professional graduates who are tomorrow’s leaders in the field of sustainable design and construction of the built environment. Sustainable building is a rapidly growing field that will remain an essential piece in the changes that need to occur to combat global warming. Despite the cyclical nature of the construction industry, demand for graduates of the BCT Bachelor of Science degree program remains strong, in both the residential housing and the commercial building sectors. Graduates of the BCT program take on leadership roles with a solid understanding of this technically complex field.

Our program relies for support partially on state-funding, but significantly on student tuition and fees, research grants, and development funds from alumni and industry. Donation support is critical in meeting the operating needs of the program’s faculty and student’s alike. For example, your funding supports attendance at conferences and trade shows, which enables graduate & undergraduate students, and faculty to maintain close connections with industry and the latest developments in the field. It also helps purchase computing equipment for laboratories and student use as well as furnish updated laboratory testing and analysis systems.

Click the button below to go to the UMass Development Office’s webpage where you can make your secure online donation to BCT. Your tax-deductible contribution is greatly appreciated!


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Alternatively, you can contact Program Director Alexander Schreyer to discuss any of the many ways corporations and individuals can help support the BCT program. We have had many beneficial relationships with individuals and firms that have included: donations (both monetary and in-kind), scholarships, student projects, research and teaching support.  We would be happy to discuss any way you would like to assist us in moving the BCT program forward.