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Schreyer’s Favorite Places Open-Source Project Implemented at Smith College

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As it turned out, finding the places that really matter to people on a campus wasn’t just for UMass. Smith College now has their own “Favorite Places” app. Implemented by Jon Caris, director of the Spatial Analysis Lab at Smith, this web app now allows anyone at Smith to share their experiences on and around their campus. The […]

Simi Hoque’s Urban Modeling

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Dr. Simi Hoque is passionate about improving the ways in which buildings use the earth’s resources.  She teaches environmental systems and sustainable design principles in the Department of Environmental Conservation at UMass Amherst. Her research, partially funded by the Center’s Massachusetts Agricultural Experiment Station, is focused around the application and development of energy-efficient buildings. Dr. […]

Alexander Schreyer to Speak on “Geo-Based 3D Modeling and Visualization”

The third IGERT seminar in the spring semester will be by Alexander Schreyer, faculty member in Building and Construction Technology, on Thursday March 8 in the Kellogg room in Elab II at UMass. The talk will start at 12:30. An abstract can be found here:  

BCT Students Model Amherst College in 3D

BCT Students in the BCT 420 and ECO 697SB classes just finished modeling 30+ buildings at Amherst College in 3D. Once approved by Google, those will appear in the official “3D Buildings” layer in Google Earth. Follow the link below to watch a video or download the KMZ file for Google Earth:

Schreyer speaks at the 2011 Google Geo User Summit United States

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Alexander Schreyer, lecturer in Building and Construction Technology, presented two of his recent UMass-related projects at the first Google Geo User Summit held in the United States where he was an invited speaker. The event took place at the Googleplex (Google’s headquarters) in Mountain View, California. His presentations covered: The student-created 3D model of all […]