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BCT faculty to host One Day Mass Energy Conference (Apr 4th, 2014)

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On May 1st, 2014, the UMASS Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources is hosting the “One Day Mass Energy Conference” to help communities with renewable energy and energy efficiency. Participate in a one-day workshop connecting municipal and planning officials, community groups, and businesses. Explore the opportunities […]

L. Carl Fiocchi wins Autodesk Excellence in Analysis Award (Oct 28th, 2013)


L. Carl Fiocchi, a Ph.D. Candidate in BCT, just won the Autodesk Excellence in Analysis Award. About the project This project is an analysis of the Gropius House, a Modernist icon constructed in 1938.  The intent was to deconstruct and analyze several passive solar shading techniques that Walter Gropius had incorporated into the building and site […]

Simi Hoque’s Urban Modeling (Oct 17th, 2013)

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Dr. Simi Hoque is passionate about improving the ways in which buildings use the earth’s resources.  She teaches environmental systems and sustainable design principles in the Department of Environmental Conservation at UMass Amherst. Her research, partially funded by the Center’s Massachusetts Agricultural Experiment Station, is focused around the application and development of energy-efficient buildings. Dr. […]

Dave Damery interviewed by WWLP on environmental impact of growing fuel (Mar 15th, 2011)

BCT Program Director Dave Damery was recently interviewed by Springfield’s WWLP TV station on the environmental impact of growing fuel. As we turn away from fossil fuels and towards biofuels more land will be needed to grow the biomass. How will this impact land use? Especially here in Massachusetts. Dr. David Damery, director of building materials […]

BMATWT Students’ Greasy Endeavour makes it into the Globe and on TV (Mar 29th, 2007)

Amherst, March 29, 2007 Two Building Materials & Wood Technology students do their part to green America. In a time where filling stations charge anything between $2.00 and $3.50 per gallon of gasoline, brothers David and Richard Posluszny pay 28 cents per gallon for fuel. This is accomplished by clarifying and using recycled vegetable oil […]