Training and Education

Building and Construction Technology faculty frequently provide professional presentations relating to their individual areas of expertise. Faculty often schedule speaking engagements as a public service. They also provide workshops or training seminars to corporate and professional clients for a fee. Examples of presentation and workshop topics include:

  • Engineered Wood: Building and Structural Design Symposium
  • Building Durable Structures
  • The Use of Wood in Non-Residential Structures
  • Earthquake Response of Timber Structures
  • Wood Identification Workshop
  • Energy Efficient Building
  • Building performance analysis
  • Energy simulation
  • Marketing on the Internet
  • Forecasting Lumber Prices
  • Role of Forest Landowner Cooperatives in Timber Supply
  • Digital design, CAD and Building Information Systems (BIM)
  • Digital fabrication

Individual faculty should be contacted directly to schedule speaking engagements or workshop and training activities. Or contact the program director to make general inquiries.


Last updated: November 15, 2013