Facilities & Expertise

Building Materials and Wood Mechanics Laboratory (Holdsworth 104, Ag. Eng. 114)

The Building Materials and Wood Mechanics Lab is an interdisciplinary teaching and research lab that serves the Building and Construction Technology program, students from more than 30 different programs, and industry partners both nationally and internationally. Established in the early 1960’s by Dr. Alan Marra and Dr. Bruce Hoadley, the lab originally focused on wood adhesives and wood chemistry. Over the past 5-10 years, however, the lab has slowly changed focus to structural materials and bio-based products testing.

In Holdsworth 104:

  • 150 kN (33 kip) Material Testing System (MTS) testing machine complete with computerized data acquisition system
  • 300 kN (66 kip) Riehle material testing machine
  • 4.5 kN (1 kip) Instron material testing machine
  • Lunaire 0.9 m3 (32 ft3) steady-state temperature/humidity conditioning and test chamber
  • Izod impact tester
  • Logic Beach hyperlogger 16-channel mobile data logger
  • Logic Beach minilogger 4-channel mobile data logger
  • IOTech 60-channel data acquisition system
  • Drying oven
  • Dry kiln
  • MakerBot Replicator 3D printer
  • Shopbot Handibot CNC router

In Ag. Eng. 114:

  • 630 sq. ft flexible high-head testing and teaching area
  • Large-specimen manufacturing, testing and storage
  • 10′ glulam press
  • Concrete mixer and testing equipment

Green Building Laboratory (Holdsworth 110B)

The Green Building Lab is a graduate research space for students in the Building Systems Masters and PhD graduate degree program. The lab is equipped with the following:

  • Building systems and energy-efficiency computer modeling stations
  • FLIR thermal imaging camera
  • Blower-door tester
  • Building products and assembly samples

Holdsworth Hall

Our “home” on campus houses the BCT computing laboratory (PC and Mac) and library in Holdsworth 110A. The library contains current collections of field-relevant peer-reviewed scientific and trade journals, texts and research proceedings. All BCT and ECO computers and most of the campus’ OIT computers have discipline-relevant software installed (CAD/BIM, structural design, estimating, energy modeling etc.).

In addition, Holdsworth Hall houses various departmental facilities, including two computer labs, a woodshop, GIS labs and other natural science laboratory facilities. For more on the ECO labs, visit the ECO site.

Testing Capabilities and Expertise

BCT can provide any of the services mentioned below. Please contact us if you are interested.

Materials Science and Engineering:

  • ASTM D143 Small clear wood specimen testing
  • Full-size bending specimen testing up to approx. 16 ft.
  • Connection detail testing
  • Density, specific gravity
  • Fatique testing
  • Reliability-based analysis
  • Structural and wood forensics
  • Static bending properties of lumber and lumber composites – MOE / MOR
  • Failure Analysis and Prediction
  • Moisture Content
  • Internal Bond testing
  • Shear Property testing
  • Tension Property – Parallel and Perpendicular
  • Water Absorption / Thickness Swell
  • In-grade testing
  • Accelerated Aging testing
  • Truss component testing
  • Engineered Wood Composite Mechanics
  • Numerical Modeling
  • Statistical Size Effect
  • Plasticity Analysis

Building Systems and Energy Performance:

  • Building energy modeling
  • Blower-door testing
  • Infrared thermography

Last updated: March 24, 2015