Welcome to our publications page. We hope you enjoy this assortment of featured articles written by members of our faculty. If you are a builder, architect, engineer, building materials supplier, homeowner, or student you will find many articles that provide useful information in a practical format. If you are a researcher, structural designer, product developer, manufacturer, or business professional you will find a variety of articles that provide cutting-edge information in a scientific format. These articles are a result of work conducted in our research program. Read and share these articles freely, but please give attribution if our work is referenced or used. We encourage you to bookmark this page and create links from your own web site.

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Faculty in the Building and Construction Technology program regularly publish their work in the most highly respected scientific journals. Our faculty also publishes articles in the industry’s most widely circulated popular and trade publications. Recent work has been published in the following journals.


Last updated: April 1, 2010