BCT Online Courses

We are currently developing our online course offerings – particularly in the field of Green Building. For information about courses that are offered online, visit the following link or contact Dave Damery (see sidebar for information)

In addition to the courses mentioned on this page, non-UMass students can also enroll in a faculty-sponsored independent study or in any regularly scheduled BCT course through Continuing and Professional Education (CPE). Contact the appropriate faculty member for more information.

Online Courses

  • BCT 191A / LLGREEN 103 – The Built Environment
  • BCT 211 / LLGREEN 107 – Energy Efficient Housing
  • BCT 597D / LLGREEN 101 – Sustainable Building and LEED Certification
  • Green Building and Indoor Environmental Quality (currently under development)
  • BCT 397S – Sustainable Sites for Green Building

BCT 191A / LLGREEN 103 – The Built Environment
Prof. Damery - Currently not offered

We will explore the issues of sustainability from the perspective of the built environment, our history of construction and expansion, and buildings and how they interact with the natural environment. Students will be exposed to issues of human impacts on natural systems through the built environment and the variety of disciplines that are working to create a more sustainable future. Textbook: Reshaping the Built Environment: Ecology, Ethics and Economics, edited by Charles J. Kibert, Island Press, Washington, DC. Part of the Online Green Building Professional Development Series.

BCT 211 – Energy Efficient Housing
C. Marden - Currently not offered

Energy conservation in contemporary residential construction. Emphasis on: energy efficient building materials, products and construction technology; alternative energy sources; passive solar design; environmental concerns, regulatory issues and building codes.

By registering for this class, you will register for the for-credit version and will receive Academic Credit. If you prefer to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs), register for LLGREEN 107 “Energy Efficient Housing,” the non-credit version of this class. If you’re not sure which version works best for you, contact the instructor for more details. ***Please note that this class is offered in two forms, for credit and non-credit. You may not take a credit and a non-credit version of the class at the same time.

Part of the Online Green Building Professional Development Series.

BCT 397S – Sustainable Sites for Green Building
T. Benjamin - Currently not offered

An exploration into the fundamentals of landscape design with particular attention to integrating both existing and new buildings sustainably into their landscapes. Students investigate sustainable design strategies that address the ecological, water, energy and food system links between buildings and their supporting sites, as exemplified by the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system and Sustainable Sites Initiative. Topics include geology, hydrology, soils, vegetation, design principles, green roofs, green walls/vertical gardens, rainwater collection systems, native planting, edible landscapes, sustainable forestry practices and the human dimension of landscape architecture. Many real world examples will be discussed.

Online Green Building Professional Development Series.

BCT 597D / LLGREEN 101 – Sustainable Building and LEED Certification
TBA – Currently not offered

This course provides an online multi-media learning environment for students to expand their knowledge of sustainability in the built world. Students have the option to attend field trips and attend lectures from specialists in the field; online students can view video recordings of the field trips and the guest lectures. A LEED version 3 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) — preparation component is woven into the structure of the course to answer an industry need for LEED accredited professionals in the fields of construction, engineering, and architectural design.

Last updated: October 11, 2012