Undergraduate admissions are not handled by the program or department directly. Follow this link to the UMass admissions office:

UMass Admissions Office:

Graduate Admission in the Environmental Conservation Graduate Program (concentration in Building Systems)

General guidelines for graduate admissions to the Environmental Conservation degree can be found at the Department of Environmental Conservation graduate program website

Candidates for the Building Systems Concentration will be admitted on the basis of their academic training, work experience, statement of intent and letters of recommendation. At a minimum, candidates will be expected to possess:

  • Undergraduate grade-point average: Minimum of 3.0 on a 4.0 point scale, with 3.2+ desirable
  • Letters of recommendation (3)
  • Personal statement
  • Graduate Record Exam (no minimum required level, but a combined score of 1100+ is desirable).
  • All prospective students must also be sponsored by a faculty member who is willing to serve as advisor before they will be accepted into the program. Therefore, interested students should contact the faculty members whose research and teaching align most closely with their own interests.
  • Letters of interest can be sent anytime, but official applications should be submitted before 1 February for Fall Semester or 1 October for Spring Semester. Late applications will be retained for consideration in the next admissions period.

Note, prerequisites exist for many of the required courses. Students are expected to have satisfied these prerequisites prior to commencing the program or in addition to the curriculum requirements outlined below.

General guidelines for graduate admissions can also be found at the University’s Graduate School website.


Last updated: March 22, 2011