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Building construction is responsible for roughly 7% of the Gross Domestic Product in the United States each year. In many ways, the state of our national economy hinges on the strength of building construction and home improvement industries. Success of these critical industries relies on the leadership provided by a highly sophisticated and skilled work force. Graduates of the Building and Construction Technology program help provide the required leadership and vision through their understanding of this technically competitive field. The study of science, business, and design serve as the base for expertise developed in this program of study.

Building and Construction Technology professionals are multifaceted. Graduates are involved in virtually every area of building technology, wood science, corporate management, and product distribution. Responsibilities range from research and development to the installation and distribution of finished goods. They assure the materials selected and used are best suited to the needs of each project in terms of safety, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. It is the integration of technical understanding with general business acumen that makes graduates of the Building and Construction Technology program uniquely desirable to hiring corporations. Our national reputation is built on excellent academic offerings. But the development of our advanced research program establishes us as leaders in this field of scientific discovery.

Building and Construction Technology is not limited to wood products; however, we do provide specific expertise regarding forest products research. Our research program focuses on the structural and physical performance of engineered wood products, wood-based composites, and wood-frame building systems. Researchers also investigate issues relating to forest products marketing, economic development, and the efficient use of resources.

Wood has many environmental advantages over other building materials. Primarily, it is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. It takes less energy and creates less pollution to transform trees into wood products than it does to manufacture steel, concrete or plastic products. Simply put, wood is a sustainable source of building materials. The Building and Construction Technology program is strategically positioned to serve the needs of industry and our nation.

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